Keynote and Workshops

Overcoming Adversity

John's story of perseverance and integrity is for all types and sizes of audiences from keynotes, to seminars, to conventions.  His personal message of overcoming adversity is sought by corporations, government agencies, universities, colleges and professional associations. John is a professional speaker, who will help you keep and preserve your dignity.


John's narrative creates a focus for audiences on the challenges to integrity. Guiding the audience through a world of deception, where denial becomes a never ending necessity in a survival pack -- he carefully takes listeners to the abyss for a personal examination of pretense and denial.  His personal experience of Embracing The Abyss reveals unknown strengths available to us all; consciousness and awareness resulting in a greater trust and genuine teamwork.

The ability to stand in truth, to persevere, to encourage and motivate others has always resided in each and every one of us. John's presentation articulates how overcoming the odds and utilizing integrity and perseverance for purposeful leadership results in sincere improvement and betterment for all.

Notable Outcomes

Those who attend will gain a new perspective on integrity based leadership; learning that there is a navigable road to consciousness and that the combination of perseverance and integrity produce unstoppable results in making right-minded decisions in careers and personal lives.  Expectations of transformation from his presentations include:

  • Creating a self-correcting culture of integrity supporting inspired performance
  • Increasing personal responsibility and ethically courageous action
  • Developing a sense of meaning & the desire to challenge for success
  • Increasing personal responsibility and ethically courageous action
  • Creating confidence, decisiveness and a rational outlook for success
  • Improving critical & creative thinking, avoiding negative surprises

For an inspiring presentation of overcoming staggering odds by standing in truth, and learning from it a meaningful understanding of the power of perseverance and integrity please email