John Smith is a decorated Vietnam Veteran, after returning to the U. S. (welcome home Johnny!) he was the Honor Graduate of his Drill Sergeant School at Fort Polk Academy, Louisiana.  Obtaining an early release to attend college, he graduated Magna Cum Laude from North Texas State University with a BBA in Accounting.

Following five years as a CPA in public accounting with Alford Meroney-Arthur Young & Co., he became the controller, then CFO of a large Texas construction and real estate development company, that acquired a Texas Savings and Loan. Mr. Smith was named a vice president of the S&L and over time, became a high ranking administrative officer.

Due to CEO fraud and faulty lending practices, the financial institution was eventually declared insolvent and taken over by the authorities; seven top ranking executives of the highly politicized S&L were sued civilly and also charged with criminal acts. Without a cooperation agreement, Mr. Smith plead guilty to a felony count and was sentenced to five years probation.  He became a witness for the Federal government and over a fourteen year period contributed significantly to the efforts of the FBI, Justice Department and civil attorneys for the FSLIC and the FHLBB, saving thousands of hours and millions of dollars.

For his assistance and cooperation with the ongoing investigations and trials, he was given an early termination of his original 5 year sentence, serving less than 3 years of probation.  Twenty years later, in further recognition he was granted one of the very few Presidential Pardons granted by President George W. Bush.